Die ausgezeichneten Verpackungs- und Industriefolien von TOYOBO eignen sich
sehr gut für eine breite Palette von Endanwendungen und Lösungen.



Aufgrund ihrer außergewöhnlichen Eigenschaften haben unsere Funktionsharze eine Pionierrolle als Klebstoffe, Überzugmittel und mehr.


BREATHAIR® ist ein einzigartiges Polstermaterial, das in vielen Bereichen verwendet wird, so etwa in der Kraftfahrzeugindustrie, in Außenbereichen, im häuslichen Bereich und auf vielen anderen Sektoren.


Airbag fabrics

Airbags protect drivers and passengers from impact in an automobile collision. The airbag market is expanding not only in the areas such as Japan, North America and Europe but also the countries such as “BRICS” nations. Our airbag fabrics made of high quality Nylon 66 yarn are consist of uncoated fabrics, strongly protected by potential patents, as well as coated fabrics sorts of various. We contribute to our customers by providing lightweight, compact, and high-quality fabrics for their airbag cushions.

We recycle airbag cloth remnants using compounds technology.
Our compound technology tempers melted plastic with additives and different materials. By adding special materials to airbag cloth remnants, it is possible to recycle them into a high-performing nylon resin without separating the fusion-proof film in the material.

Toyobo to Acquire Airbag Yarn Manufacturer“PHP-Fibers”
Toyobo and PHP Fibers together will be the world’s leading supplier of PA 66 yarns for the airbag application and for specialized airbag fabrics with a truly global footprint having production locations in Japan, Thailand, China, Europe and USA and with excellent relations to all airbag manufacturers world-wide.