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BREATHAIR® ist ein einzigartiges Polstermaterial, das in vielen Bereichen verwendet wird, so etwa in der Kraftfahrzeugindustrie, in Außenbereichen, im häuslichen Bereich und auf vielen anderen Sektoren.



First produced in 1965, Vylon is Japan’s first saturated copolyester resin with a high molecular mass. Highly renowned for its excellent adhesion, durability and high degree of hygiene, it is used as a film adhesive or metal coating in a wide range of fields, including food packaging, electronic devices and automobiles. We have started to receive a large number of inquiries from overseas.


  • Amorphous type of VYLON® can be dissolved by methylethylketon, toluene or other general purpose organic solvents.
  • Amorphous type of VYLON® gives good adhesion to metal, polyester film or PVC film.
  • Amorphous type of VYLON® itself gives good formability, and it is cross linkable with melamine, isocyanate and epoxy, etc when tough and durable coating layer is required.

The performances such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance, pigment disperse ability, formability and bending performance can be furnished by using highly advanced polymer designing technology.


VYLON® can be found in paint for coil coating (PCM), can coating, binder for magnetic paint, ink binder and as an adhesive for dry lamination. Additionally, it can also be used as an agent for film surface treatment, coating agent for receptor of recording media, adhesive for vibration damping steel, adhesive for printed circuit board and much more.

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