Toyobo draws on its polymer, film forming, and processing technologies
to provide such functional products as films for LCDs and optical uses,
adhesives for electronic components, and conductive paste for touch panels...

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Due to their exceptional properties, our functional resins are welcomed
as pioneers in the fields of adhesives, coating agents and more.

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Medical care in developed countries is expected to become increasingly advanced, and the need for medical services in emerging countries is forecast to expand. New developments will include the growth of the antibody drugs market...

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Toyobo uses comfort evaluation technology to study factors such as the temperature and moisture inside clothing, allowing us to produce extremely comfortable textiles.

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The Advanced Polymer Department continues to pursue and develop
the potential of acrylic materials with new ideas and creativity in order
to meet our customers´ requirements.

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BREATHAIR® is a washable cushion material with excellent durability. The fibers in BREATHAIR® are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure. One way to describe the appearance of the fibers is that they appear similar in structure to a block of instant noodles made from white plastic.

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Toyobo is actively pursuing cooperative logistics with other companies to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emission. Toyobo is presently implementing joint logistics with Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd, Suntory Logistics Ltd, and Teijin Fibers Ltd.

Joint Logistics with Sumitomo Chemical

Sumitomo Chemical transports raw resin by rail from its Works in the Chiba Prefecture to the Toyobo Tsuruga Research and Production Center (Fukui Prefecture). Toyobo also transports film products by truck from the Tsuruga Research and Production Center to the Saitama Prefecture (which is adjacent to Chiba Prefecture). In an effort to improve logistics efficiency, the two companies reached an agreement to combine materials procurement with sales logistics. In this way Toyobo has introduced a modal shift, and now uses the empty containers from Sumitomo Chemical raw resin deliveries to transport the film products by rail on the return trip.

Joint logistics with Suntory Logistics

The Suntory Group has introduced an Integrated Transportation Arrangement® System for calculating the optimal combination of trucks and routes for various types of cargo and shipping centers. We are working to reduce the number of trucks used as well as the distances and times trucks run without a load. The goal is to further reduce our environmental impact by cutting down on transportation time losses by sharing cargo information with other companies and combining cargo from several companies on one vehicle. Also, we request our distribution affiliates to implement environmentally friendly driving habits which can be achieved by simply turning off the engine when the vehicle is not in motion, as well as fitting digital tachometers that give the drivers precise information and control over the way the engine is running.

Joint Logistics with Teijin Fibers

The Toyobo Iwakuni Plant and the nearby Teijin Iwakuni Factory initiated joint logistics in 2008. The two companies use the same trucks to transport freight in the same direction. This has made it possible to reduce the number of trucks used, and decrease CO2 emission. This initiative was launched for shipping freight to Osaka, and additional routes are now being studied.

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