Toyobo draws on its polymer, film forming, and processing technologies
to provide such functional products as films for LCDs and optical uses,
adhesives for electronic components, and conductive paste for touch panels...

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Due to their exceptional properties, our functional resins are welcomed
as pioneers in the fields of adhesives, coating agents and more.

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Medical care in developed countries is expected to become increasingly advanced, and the need for medical services in emerging countries is forecast to expand. New developments will include the growth of the antibody drugs market...

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Toyobo uses comfort evaluation technology to study factors such as the temperature and moisture inside clothing, allowing us to produce extremely comfortable textiles.

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The Advanced Polymer Department continues to pursue and develop
the potential of acrylic materials with new ideas and creativity in order
to meet our customers´ requirements.

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BREATHAIR® is a washable cushion material with excellent durability. The fibers in BREATHAIR® are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure. One way to describe the appearance of the fibers is that they appear similar in structure to a block of instant noodles made from white plastic.

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Functional Textiles

Although we have more than 130 years of experience in the development of textile fibers, we constantly ask ourselves how we can improve our products and how best we can meet the expectations of our customers.

From being the first to create highly popular wash-and-wear shirts to our heat-training ladies garments, our attunement to daily life has led to great achievements.

We have accumulated an extensive knowledge of all kinds of fibers, from cotton to wool, rayon, nylon, polyester and acrylics.

This expertise has allowed us to make many different combinations of material, and to regularly develop new and better functioning textiles over the years.

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We have devised comfort evaluation technology that can quantify that illusive sense of discomfort that can so often only be expressed in vague terms. This technology is used to study such factors as temperature and moisture inside clothing, and the data obtained is used to design and produce extremely comfortable textiles. TOM III and the newer version, SAM, are mannequins that provide very realistic simulations of sweat production to evaluate the dampness generated by the human body inside a garment made of a particular fabric. This kind of expertise has allowed us to combine different materials in the development of new functional textiles over the years.

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Functional Textiles is most used in:

Active Sports

EKS has a unique moisture absorbing function that gives a clean and comfortable feel

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iCold can help to regulate the temperature inside your bed.

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Fine garments

Micro-fine fibers give an extremely soft and smooth feel to your garments.

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Infrared radiation and long-lasting durability are but two of the advantages of CERAM.

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