Toyobo draws on its polymer, film forming, and processing technologies
to provide such functional products as films for LCDs and optical uses,
adhesives for electronic components, and conductive paste for touch panels...

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Due to their exceptional properties, our functional resins are welcomed
as pioneers in the fields of adhesives, coating agents and more.

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Medical care in developed countries is expected to become increasingly advanced, and the need for medical services in emerging countries is forecast to expand. New developments will include the growth of the antibody drugs market...

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Toyobo uses comfort evaluation technology to study factors such as the temperature and moisture inside clothing, allowing us to produce extremely comfortable textiles.

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The Advanced Polymer Department continues to pursue and develop
the potential of acrylic materials with new ideas and creativity in order
to meet our customers´ requirements.

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BREATHAIR® is a washable cushion material with excellent durability. The fibers in BREATHAIR® are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure. One way to describe the appearance of the fibers is that they appear similar in structure to a block of instant noodles made from white plastic.

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The Toyobo management philosophy

Toyobo has adopted Junri-Sokuyu (順理則裕) as a basic philosophy. This motto, which means "Adhering to reason leads to prosperity," was a personal maxim of our founder, the Meiji Era industrialist Eiichi Shibusawa, and it has remained unchanged as company management philosophy to the present day. These words were first spoken by the Chinese Song Dynasty philosopher Cheng Yi. Junri means not only "to think and act rationally and logically," but also expresses the idea that "reason and ethics in a basic human belief that ethical values must be respected." Junri-Sokuyu is the starting point of our CSR, and the basis for the development of the Toyobo management vision and business policy.

Toyobo has overcome the crisis of deteriorating performance that stemmed from the global recession, and is striving to regain growth. Over the past year, our earning capacity has steadily recovered, and now we are shifting our priority goal to the achievement of growth. Toyobo has positioned this fiscal year as a stage for self-sustaining growth and expansion, and particularly for innovation through the challenges of new areas. Toyobo has therefore decided to adopt "Innovate and Build a Strong Toyobo" as a management policy. To implement this, management and staff of the Toyobo Group will work as one, sharing a common understanding of current conditions and the nature of the times, and endeavor to exert their maximum concerted effort to build a strong corporate group.

CSR Initiatives

Toyobo has established a CSR Committee chaired by the President. The committee provides a framework for the unified management and oversight of Toyobo's relationship with all its stakeholders, these include customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, local communities, employees and the global environment.

CSR activities are governed by the CSR Charter, which commits the Toyobo Group to fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute to the development of a sound and sustainable society.

The Company is presently advancing the following types of CSR initiatives. First, we are developing a governance system that will enhance the check function, to secure transparency and fairness in decision making and the execution of work. To raise compliance and awareness among employees, Toyobo has formulated the Toyobo CSR Charter and Corporate Code of Conduct, and we are implementing training programs that include one-on-one guidance throughout the group.

Toyobo has established several committees to handle risk management, including the Global Environment and Safety Committee, the Product Liability Prevention/Quality Assurance Committee, and the Internal Control Committee. These provide a solid framework for dealing with risk. To put this structure into practice, crisis management training sessions that envision a range of possible scenarios are conducted on a regular basis, focusing on actions to prevent any impairment of corporate value.

Furthermore, Toyobo is working to address environmental problems under the Toyobo Group's Fundamental Policy on the Global Environment. These efforts include reducing the environmental burden, developing products which contribute to environmental preservation, and giving support to environmental conservation activities in local communities.

Upcoming CSR Initiatives

The Toyobo Group believes that corporate, business and CSR activities should be part of an integrated whole. Actively integrating CSR measures into management strategies is important for the sustainable development of the corporate group.

Toyobo’s vision is to be the category leader and occupy the top position in its specialized fields and provide new value in the area of the environment, the life sciences, and functional products. We believe that providing new value to stakeholders, and contributing to society, is the essence of Toyobo Group CSR activity.

Toyobo formulated a medium-term CSR plan in 2011 that outlines areas of responsibility for each committee, and details the specific issues to be addressed. The Toyobo Group remains committed to continuing its efforts towards reform and to the establishment of a strong corporate position, while adhering firmly to the principles of CSR. We will continue to act with responsibility toward society, and adapt to changing times.