Toyobo draws on its polymer, film forming, and processing technologies
to provide such functional products as films for LCDs and optical uses,
adhesives for electronic components, and conductive paste for touch panels...

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Due to their exceptional properties, our functional resins are welcomed
as pioneers in the fields of adhesives, coating agents and more.

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Medical care in developed countries is expected to become increasingly advanced, and the need for medical services in emerging countries is forecast to expand. New developments will include the growth of the antibody drugs market...

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Toyobo uses comfort evaluation technology to study factors such as the temperature and moisture inside clothing, allowing us to produce extremely comfortable textiles.

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The Advanced Polymer Department continues to pursue and develop
the potential of acrylic materials with new ideas and creativity in order
to meet our customers´ requirements.

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BREATHAIR® is a washable cushion material with excellent durability. The fibers in BREATHAIR® are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure. One way to describe the appearance of the fibers is that they appear similar in structure to a block of instant noodles made from white plastic.

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Toyobo develops new polyester film with high gas barrier function
made with recycled resin in its Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2F™ lineup

Jul 16, 2020

Toyobo Co., Ltd. is to introduce a new type of ECOSYAR™, a polyester film with a high gas barrier property. The company plans to expand it into global markets as a new lineup of the Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2F™*1, a film product line made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin exclusively from PET beverage bottles.

*1 Trademark applications filed in Japan and India in 2019 and in Europe and other countries in 2020.

Amid increasing environmental awareness worldwide, demand for film products made with recycled resin is growing rapidly. In 2012, Toyobo launched PET film CYCLE CLEAN™, 80 percent of which is made from recycled resins, the industry’s highest ratios. It has a thickness of 12 micrometers, which is the thinnest in the industry. This product uses recycled resin exclusively from PET beverage bottles.

Toyobo is accelerating development of a film product line which contains recycled resin purely from beverage bottles through mechanical recycling*2 under the Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2F™ trademark. As a new lineup of the Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2F™, samples of a new type of polyester film with a high gas barrier property ECOSYAR™ is going to be available in late June 2020, scale up production will be around this summer. The new ECOSYAR™ utilizes a production technology of CYCLE CLEAN™ to achieve the recycled content rate of 80 percent. Toyobo is committed to helping realize a sustainable society by supplying eco-friendly products.

*² A method to recycle plastics waste into secondary products without significantly changing the chemical structure of the material through mechanical processes such as sorting, grinding, separating, washing, drying, decontaming, pelletizing, compounding, etc. in general.

For more information please contact:
Public Relations Group, Corporate Sustainability Department, Toyobo Co., Ltd.