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Since 1992, our Advanced Polymer Department has been engaged in the development of acrylic functional products using our special, and proprietary, technologies for “Polymerization, Chemical Modification and Processing”.
There are three main product lines – Fibers, Micro Particles and Processed Products.

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    Our products are widely marketed and distributed in the lifestyle, industrial material and processing industries.

    Our Business interests are segmented into four main categories:

Advanced Polymers


ESPECK™ is an unusually small (1µm in diameter) water absorbing polymer-polyacrylic sodium particle that disperses easily in the soil and functions as a water holding agent. Now since the degree of moisturizing is targeted at 100 times, the reserve of moisturizing should prevent the water/air permeability from disruption.


ESPECK Features:

● Ingredients: cross-linked sodium polyacrylate.
● Active ingredient amount of water absorption: 80-120 times.
● pH: 6.5 ~ 7.5.
● Particle size: about 1μm at equilibrium in a swollen state.
● Active Ingredients: 9%.
● Solubility: insoluble in water.
● Appearance: pale yellow emulsion in aqueous dispersion.

ESPECK Applications:

ESPECK™ can be used as a water-holding agent for tree-planting and floriculture. It can be applied over large surface areas such as golf courses, soccer fields, roof gardens and many other agricultural applications.


Functional Textiles


LANSEAL® has a double layer structure, an outer layer of super absorbent substance, prepared by a special method, and an inner layer of acrylic fiber. Water is rapidly absorbed at contact and the material reaches maximum capacity in a short time.


LANSEAL® Features:

● High absorption rate; can absorb about 70% of water absorption in 10 seconds.
● Is insoluble in water or solvents.
● Heat and light resistant.
● Non-toxic and can be handled as a textile.

LANSEAL® Applications:

LANSEAL® can be used for wrapping food, dripping pads for meats, moisture absorption, medical and sanitary use, to absorb condensation, in cooling or heating, as a water-removal filter, a water-retaining material in engineering, in gardening and much more.


Functional Textiles


MOISCARE® is an acrylate fiber which has a unique property allowing it to absorb and release moisture over a long period. Absorption or release is determined by prevailing environmental (atmospheric) conditions and heat is released as moisture is absorbed


MOISCARE® Features:

● Decitex × fiber length: 4.4dtex (4.0d) × 50mm, 2.4dtex (2.2d) × 38mm● Hygroscopicity: Moisture absorption rate of 41% (20°C, RH65%)● Heat absorption amount: 1449J/g (25°C, RH80.5%)● Deodorizing: Without ammonia detection after 10 minutes (690ppm 500ml/g)● Antifungal: No development (JIS.Z2911.6.2.2)

MOISCARE® Applications:

MOISCARE® can be used in bedding, winter clothing, cotton textiles, sports apparel, various air conditioning filters, humidity control material for building resources and much more.


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