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"Toyobo aims to become the category leader, and will continue to create value that contributes to society, the environment, healthcare, and the high-function products field."

Toyobo's business activities are supported by its core technologies. These are (1) polymerization, modification, and processing of polymers, carried out using expertise accumulated during the development of synthetic fiber, and (2) biotechnology which was developed when research was being done into the treatment of waste water from pulp processing using yeast fermentation technology. By exploiting this accumulated knowledge Toyobo has been able to provide the world with high-functioning products that include highly-transparent polyester optical films, super fibers, hollow fiber membranes for artificial kidneys, and enzymes for use in clinical trial reagents. These are products that have made major contributions to the expansion of Toyobo business activities.

Aiming for further growth

Toyobo has prepared action plans for expanding new product development and creating new business. The company is taking steps to increase the sophistication of its core technologies. The R&D; people are in close contact with other companies in Japan and overseas, as well as universities and research institutes and are taking the initiative in the rapid development of next-generation technologies. The objective being to create new products and gain a positional advantage in growing markets.
Toyobo, as the category leader with "Ideas & Chemistry," will continue to create new value that contributes to society and the environment, healthcare, and the high-function product field. We will remain a strong company that shows both growth and stability and contributes on a global scale through its specialty businesses.

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Hitoshi Ueno

Corporate OfficersControlling Supervisor of Business Development Planning Office, and Intellectual Property Operating Office, and Research Center General Manager, Business Development Planning Office General Manager, Intellectual Property Operating Office

The TOYOBO Group takes great care in the manufacture of all its products to ensure the highest standards and measure of excellence. We make sure that all our products are free from defects, deficiencies and significant variation. We ensure strict and consistent quality control and adherence to all standards to achieve uniformity in our products to satisfy the needs of our customers and users.

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