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Polyester does not usually dissolve in solvents.We have found a way to dissolve it and turn it into an adhesive.

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Industrial Film

Toyobo industrial films offer a unique combination of properties thatallow it to resist extreme weather conditions and many other critical environments. 
Our combination of technical properties makes a wide range of final applications possible for many different industries. Photovoltaic power generation systems are gaining worldwide momentum as a source of renewable energy and Toyobo has developed materials for solar photovoltaic technology that are used to conserve global resources and make a serious contribution to a prosperous future for humanity.

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Packaging film

Selecting the right packaging film can be a difficult and tedious task.

Toyobo offers many different solutions to meet the most demanding requirements in the packaging industry. The technical properties of our films enable our customers to enhance product protection, increase shelf-life as well as appeal, and generally results in a sustainable and more profitable chain of supply.

Toyobo technology and expertise has revolutionized the packaging industry. The wide range of products available ensures a customer can be provided with exactly the right type of film for their specific packaging needs.

Industrial Film


Photovoltaic power Generation Systems are steadily gaining worldwide momentum as a source of renewable energy. The manufacture of Shinebeam® , a special polyester film developed by Toyobo for solar cell back-sheets, does not involve the use of heavy metal catalysts. This helps reduce the load on the global environment.

SHINEBEAM® Features:

 SHINEBEAM® is a PET film developed for PV and is used as a protective film for the back-sheet of PV modules. SHINEBEAM® Q1 series are high-transparency films with improved resistance to hydrolysis. SHINEBEAM® Q2 series are white, porous films with improved reflectivity and electrical insulation. SHINEBEAM® Q3 series are opalescent films with outstanding ultraviolet resistance. SHINEBEAM® is a polyester film manufactured without the use of heavy metal catalysts which helps to reduce the impact on the environmental.

SHINEBEAM® Applications:

This film boasts weather resistance that makes it eminently suitable for use as the outer layer of the back-sheet of PV modules. Again, to help reduce the impact of manufacture on the environmental, polymerization is done without the use of a heavy metal catalyst (antimony).


Industrial Film


COSMOSHINE® is a ultra-slippery and highly transparent polyester film. The slippery surface, an important feature of the film, is achieved by a special new treatment carried out during manufacture. This not only makes the film slippery, but also improves transparency.

Cosmoshine® Features

● COSMOSHINE® is a polyester based film.
● COSMOSHINE® is made by a newly established process that gives it a very smooth surface.
● COSMOSHINE® features a high level of transparency – the PET base film contains no particles.
● COSMOSHINE® allows the easy adhesion of coating layers to give different surface function.
● COSMOSHINE® features superior flatness.

Cosmoshine® Applications

The dual attributes of slipperiness and transparency of COSMOSHINE® derive from a very high level of technological and manufacturing skill. The material is suitable for printing and reacts well with adhesive resins. COSMOSHINE® is used for printing, in LCD displays for computers and mobile phones as well as in membrane switches * for electric appliances.


Packaging film


ECOSYAR® is a superior barrier film and another of our products that has a reduced environmental impact. It is made by our unique technology that deposits two kinds of ceramics in a polyester or nylon film.

ECOSYAR ® Features:

● Clear, colorless, eco-friendly- Transparent SiO2- Chloride free
● An excellent quality gas barrier- Dual deposition provides less cracking
● Excellent flexibility- The hybrid structure maintains flexibility- Suitable for extrusion lamination
● Excellent acid resistance- Ceramic based material provides acid resistance- Boil resistant and retortable
 Excellent pinhole resistance -> Grade VN 400● Contributes to a reduction in environmental impact

ECOSYAR ® Applications:

This material has excellent barrier properties and flexibility, it helps to prevent moisture and maintain freshness, making it a good substitute for other barrier materials such as aluminum foil. ECOSYAR® flexible film can be used for retortable pouches, air-tight packaging, frozen food packaging, pharmaceuticals and many similar applications.


Packaging film


CRISPER® is a white opaque synthetic paper based on polyester which contains numerous internal voids and is top-coated to promote adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings. These features give the following advantages for RFID applications.

CRISPER® Features:

Some of the features of CRISPER®:
• White, non-transparent• Cushioning• Suitable for embossing and die cutting• Electrical & heat insulation characteristics• Low mass (specific gravity = 1.10)• Highly reflective• Low calorie burning and no hazardous gas is released• Made using recycled PET resin bottles
CRISPER® is a bi-axial oriented PET film with:
• Effective spring-like property (despite containing voids)• Good dimension stability• Heat, water and chemical resistant• Flat and smooth surface• High-strength• Uniform thickness
For chemical coating CRISPER® has:
• Anti-static property• Finely-structured surface for gloss-control• Excellent printability due to cushioning• Great adhesion and accepts different types of ink and additional coating layers• Can be written on with a pen or pencil• Stampable

CRISPER® Applications:

CRISPER® is an optimal material for RFID compared to other materials including paper, regular PET film, PP and olefin films. CRISPER® can be used for membership cards, IDs, indoor and outdoor signage, labels, bar codes and much more.


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