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The management of the TOYOBO Europe GmbH (”Toyobo") is very mindful of the importance of personal information. We have established the following policies to safeguard personal information and allow visitors to use our website with confidence. This protection does not extend to affiliated domestic companies, overseas affiliated companies, or any links that might appear on the Toyobo Web site. Please contact those companies should you be concerned about their safety polices or links.

1. What is personal information?

Any information requested by TOYOBO Europe GmbH from their Web site users that could be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to: address, name, age, telephone number, and e-mail address.

2. Safeguarding personal information.

TOYOBO Europe GmbH is responsible for the security of personal user information gathered and stored in our system. We have established security measures to protect the data and prevent loss of personal information. Every measure has been taken to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, accidental leakage, or loss of data by deliberate action

3. Use of personal information.

When we request personal information from users, we will clearly specify the reason for which the information is requested. Information provided by users will be used only as specified. A user always has the option to refuse to provide any or all the personal information requested. However, this may limit our ability to provide services through the TOYOBO Europe GmbH Web site.

4. Disclosure to third parties.

TOYOBO Europe GmbH will not release personal user information to third parties, except under the circumstances set out below:
1. With the explicit permission of the user.2. When it is necessary to provide the information to a subsidiary or affiliate for the purpose of providing a service requested by the user.3. When it is necessary to provide the information to a subcontractor or affiliate with whom TOYOBO Europe GmbH has a confidentiality agreement, for the purpose of accomplishing the stated purpose of a user.4. When statistical data has been redacted to prevent identification of the user.5. When legally required to do so by an authority.

5. Changes in registration information.

Requests to change, confirm, correct, or delete personal information that has been voluntarily provided to TOYOBO Europe GmbH will be honored only after it has been confirmed that the request has been made by the party concerned or an authorized representative.

6. Personal information of parties linked on the TOYOBO Europe GmbH Web site.

TOYOBO Europe GmbH assumes absolutely no responsibility for safeguarding the personal information of third parties linked to the TOYOBO Europe GmbH Web site.

7. Changes in our privacy policy.

TOYOBO Europe GmbH reserves the right to review or amend the above mentioned policy with respect to the handling of personal user information to comply with any change or amendment of the Law.


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