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This web site (“Our site”) is managed by TOYOBO Europe GmbH (“Our company”).

1. Utilization

Our company and its affiliated company hold the Copyright © with all rights reserved ®, for all the information posted on the site. No part, or the whole, of this information may be utilized, copied, reproduced, changed or reformed and distributed, by any means or in any form whatsoever, beyond that authorized by the Copyright Act, without the prior written permission of our company.

2. Trademark, etc

The trademark, logo and corporate mark used on our site belong to our company and affiliates. Our company grants no licenses for the use of our trademark to any customer or any other party whatsoever. However, the trademark does become available on licensee contracts, but the trademark may not be appropriated and reprinted without written permission of our company.

3. Contents

The information provided on our website is accurate and regularly updated. However it should be understood that we are not in a position to guarantee its absolute accuracy at all specific times.

4. Escape Clause

Access to and the use of our website is the responsibility of the user. Our company, and those concerned in the design and preparation of the site and the disclosure of information etc, disclaim all responsibility for any damage or loss that might arise from such access and use. This includes any damage to terminal or network equipment, without reference to direct or indirect damage and repair costs


1. Changes in registration information.

A request to change, confirm, correct, or delete personal information voluntarily provided to TOYOBO Europe GmbH will be honored only after it has been confirmed that the request comes from the party concerned or their authorized representative.

2. Personal information of parties linked on the Toyobo Europe GmbH Web site.

TOYOBO Europe GmbH assumes absolutely no responsibility for safeguarding the personal information of third parties linked to the TOYOBO Europe GmbH Web site.

3. Changes in our privacy policy.

TOYOBO Europe GmbH reserves the right to review or amend the above mentioned policy with respect to the handling of personal user information to comply with any change or amendment of the Law.


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