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Toyobo was founded as a textile and spinning company in 1882. Over the years the company regularly adapted to the needs of the times, drawing on core technologies in polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnology to widen and expand their business fields and to develop many kinds of high-performance products.
In 2008, the Toyobo Group expanded overseas and opened a European branch in Düsseldorf, Germany. The business lines of the Group have now been organized as five specialty segments: Films, Functional Resins, Life Science, Functional Textiles and Breathair, with its own production facility in Obernburg, Bavaria, Germany.
Furthermore, we have identified “priority businesses” within these segments in which Toyobo has particular strength, and which we hope to nurture and develop into core businesses. To accomplish this end, we are concentrating our resources to accelerate growth. We are also pursuing business alliances and technology injections to further enhance our business strength.
The Toyobo Group is growing as a manufacturer of high-function special products and continues to create new value by enhancing core technology.

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In recent years awareness of the need for the protection of our natural environment has increased worldwide and Japanese companies take pride in their technologies for addressing environmental issues. Toyobo is responding to market needs by drawing on its unique core technologies related to water treatment membranes and materials for cleaning the atmosphere.
In addition, Toyobo has also moved forward with the development of materials used in solar batteries as further contribution to conservation of the global environment.


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